Stanstead Abbots

Stanstead Abbots

Local Geography:
Stanstead Abbotts lies directly across the Greenwich Meridian (longitude 0°). The Meridian Obelisks were erected on the exact position of the meridian upon the Riverside Green, to commemorate the centenary of the adoption of the Greenwhich Meridian as the geographical Prime Meridian. 

The village is close to Ware in South-Eastern of Hertfordshire, bordering Essex, and is approximately 20 miles North of London. The village offers a surprisingly large array of shops, and located within the Co-op is a Post Office Counter and a cash machine. The residents display a heart-warming community spirit and have the ability to complete all of their day-to-day errands on foot.

New residents can pick up a Welcome Pack, which is available from the Vicarage with useful information, such as rubbish collection schedules and local activities for children and families.

The Lee Valley Stanstead Marina is situated on the outskirts of Stanstead Abbotts. The River Lee flows south from Luton and becomes navigable at the market town of Hertford and then flows through the Hertfordshire countryside. The Marina is to the north of the confluence of the Rivers Stort and Lee, and is connected to the national inland waterway system by the Hertford Union Canal and the River Thames. The marina is well situated to visit the many attractions of the Lee Valley Park and the local nature reserves at Rye Meads and Amwell.

Local History:
'Stanstead Abbotts' is actually made up of two villages, Stanstead Abbotts and Stanstead St Margarets.

The village of Stanstead Abbotts was originally comprised of two separate villages, Stanstead Abbotts and Stanstead St. Margarets. The village was recorded as "Stanstede" during the Domesday Survey in the latter eleventh century. The manor passed to The Abbot of Waltham Holy Cross in the twelfth century, and by the fourteenth century the suffix "Abbatis", "Abbotts" or "Abbot" was attached to the name of the parish. The abbey retained ownership of the manor, until 1531, when it was dissolved.

After the dissolution of the abbey, the manor of Stanstead Abbotts was ceded to Anne Boleyn and remained with the crown after her execution. In 1559 Queen Elizabeth I granted it to Edward Baeshe whose family retained the property for several generations.

In more recent years, Stanstead Abbotts has received the title "Best Kept Village in Hertfordshire - Large Village Category."

For more information on Standstead Abbots Short and Long term letting accommodation please call 01920 870 239